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No on AB 1400

No on AB 1400 – Assembly Bill 1400 would eliminate private health insurance in California and replace it with government-controlled health insurance at an estimated cost to taxpayers of $365.5 billion per year – more than the current state budget for education, health care, prisons, transportation, the courts, and every other state program combined. If this bill passes, the legislature has another measure right behind it that would raise payroll taxes, income taxes and business taxes, which would still leave nearly $200 billion in costs uncovered, and no explanation of where the money will come from. We can guess. PLEASE call your Assembly representative and urge a vote of “NO” on AB 1400.

No on AB 854 – Assembly Bill 854 is an attack on property owners that would prohibit the buyers of rent-controlled apartment buildings from exiting the rental housing business, even if they were losing money, until they had owned the building for at least five years. That restriction will make it more difficult for property owners to sell their property. Imagine if the Legislature made it more difficult for you to sell your home just because you had rented it to tenants. That’s just wrong. Call your Assembly representative and please urge a vote of “NO” on AB 854.

You can find the name and contact information of your representative by going to this link:

Scroll down for the phone numbers of all Assembly members, or go to this link:

Remember, you must call on Monday before 1:00 p.m. when the Assembly convenes for the day’s business. Otherwise, it could be too late.

With urgent thanks, Jon Coupal President, HJTA

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