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Slip and Fall Prevention

Although we’ve seen it in the cartoons and in the movies a million times, not many people actually slip on banana peels. And while the results may produce a few chuckles in the theater, falls are nothing to laugh at. In fact, some estimates put the number of disabling injuries resulting from falls at over 30,000 per year. The number of deaths is close to 12,000 a year, yes, from slipping, tripping, or falling.

Tips to prevent slip/fall accident. First and foremost, watch where you are going and look out for

  1. hidden steps

  2. loose, irregular surfaces

  3. smooth surfaces where shoes may loose traction

  4. wet spots

  5. oil and grease

Some additional things to look out for include:

  1. unsafe chairs

  2. moving too fast

  3. obstructed aisles

  4. bad lighting

  5. improper shoes

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, passive regard in any setting could end in injury, hospitalization, or death.

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