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Fire Safety.

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Don’t wait till you smell smoke to ask, what should I do in the event of a fire?

Fire Safety is an important part of being prepared. It’s not enough to know where the exits are, what items to grab on the way out, or when and how to help others. Fire preparedness includes preemptive measures as well!

Some preliminary questions to consider are:

Do you have a fire alarm?How would employee communication work in the event of an emergency? Where is the safety rendezvous point? 

Could you use a fire extinguisher if asked? Do you know where they are located in your business? Do you even have one?

What about liquids? Do you know how to check to see which chemicals are flammable? What’s their flash-point? What is a flash-point? 

These questions barely begin to cover the measures that your Emergency Action Plan (EAP) will need to address. You are running a business, and have enough to worry about already without trying to figure out how to create and implement your EAP. Let us help!

Have Safety Will Travel can assist you in getting you and your company Fire Ready by creating your unique EAP, AND training your employees.

Emergencies are not cookie cutter situations, and HSWT can create an Emergency Action Plan that suits your business and safety needs.

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