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Chemical Exposure

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The most dangerous chemical is an unlabeled one!

Exposure to dangerous goods can have serious short and long-term effects on the human body. Exposures can include:

Here is some advice to give your workers on ways to prevent unintentional poisonings in your workplace:

  1. Never use a chemical without reading the product’s material safety data sheet and its label, including instructions for use.

  2. If a bottle is unlabeled, leave it unopened. Even lifting the lid to sniff certain chemicals is a bad move that could lead to serious respiratory damage.

  3. If you find a mystery product in an unlabeled container, report it to your supervisor.

  4. Don’t leave any unlabeled chemical substance around, even if you know what’s in it. Instead label, return or dispose of it properly.

  5. Never place any chemical in anything but its original, labeled container.

  6. Never pour a hazardous product, such as a cleaning solution, into a sports drink container, soda bottle or coffee cup.

  7. Never take a swig from a container that’s not your own.

  8. Never place food or beverages in a refrigerator used to store hazardous chemicals.

  9. Never eat, drink or smoke before washing your hands. Toxic chemicals can be transferred into your body.

  10. If anyone accidentally ingests a chemical from a drink container, call 911 or your poison control center immediately. Don’t wait for symptoms to appear before seeking help.

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