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An "almost" accident

Safety is important everywhere, especially at home/places we're familiar with because our guard can be down.

To illustrate, here's a story from a friend:

"While washing the dishes, I leaned over the sink to turn on the disposal. The dishes obscured my direct eye-line into the drain. I pressed the button, the sink began to vibrate, and a loud grinding sound began to whir. Within milliseconds, a cup shook free and fell over the drain just as a pairing knife was catapulted, blade up, into the air.

I was still leaning over the sink."

This could to anyone, and could have been a very bad accident had the cup not fallen over the drain just in time to catch the knife.

Stay aware

Double, triple check

Always check and clear debris from any machine/motors being turned on

If children are present, make sure an adult is supervising at all times

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